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Q: What do I need to do to book an event?
A: The following information is needed to schedule your event.
Date of event
Serving Time
Estimated Number of guests

Q: Does Bell's allow any menu substitutions?
A: Absolutely ~ we are very flexible and would be happy to customize your menu. If you do not see a menu item that you desire, let us know. Chances are our chef can prepare it for you, or you can provide a special family recipe and we will be happy to tailor it to your liking.

Q: What does Bell's bring to the event?
A: We bring all the necessary serving equipment depending on the type of event. If you have a delivery only, we have a 1 hour delivery window prior to your event. We bring everything disposable. We set up just like a normal buffet. We also include paper goods (plates, cups, napkins, silverware, serving utensils)
For a full catered event we do this in different levels. Typically the customer provides the necessary serving tables and we will provide the necessary serving equipment (chaffing dishes, coolers, ice chest, etc.). Our ratio for service staff on a buffet style event is 1 server member per 50 guests. Our ratio for full catered events, depending on butler passed or plate service varies based on the level of service requested by the customer.

Q: How much space does Bell's need?
A: For a typical event we are going to need access to park at least 2 vehicles, access to your kitchen or staging room. If that is not available, that is no problem. We can work from our vehicle.

Q: Does Bell's provide bar service?
A: We are fully licensed and insured and have bartenders. We can absolutely provide that service for you.

Q: When will Bell's staff arrive at my event?
A: For a delivery and set up we will arrive at least 30 minutes before scheduled delivery time. For a full catered event we will, depending on the level of service, we will arrive at least 1 – 2 ½ hours before your event. For larger events, we will discuss a timeline in advance to ensure that we are set up and not conflicting with any other events you have going throughout the day.

Q: Will Bell's need access to water and electric?
A: Depending on the type of event we are typically self-contained. However, larger or long term events we would need the possibility of standard household 110V electrical outlet. Access to water is helpful but not necessary.

Q: Who is responsible for trash?
A: Typically the venue is responsible for the trash. Trash arrangements can be made in advance of the event. We will have staff on hand and can help with the removal of the trash to the on-site storage containers. However, if trash needs to be removed from the facility, we need to be notified in advance so arrangements can be made.

Q: What if it rains?
A: All of our events are rain or shine. We will be on site. Once it is booked we are ready to go. If you need to cancel due to the rain or ask to re-schedule we ask a minimum of 24 hour advance notice.

Q: Does the State of Florida collect sales tax on catered events?
A: Yes, Florida State sales tax will be added to your final invoice. If you are a tax exempt organization, we ask that you submit a copy of your tax exemption form upon booking.

Q: Is gratuity expected or required?
A: Our goal is to exceed your expectations and provide you and your guests with an exceptional meal. The best thanks you can give us is word of mouth advertising. The financial gratuity is left to your discretion and we hope you will recognize the hard work of our staff accordingly. We value your feedback.

Q: How much notice is necessary to reserve a date?
A: Most events are planned approximately three months in advance. However, we do a number of events on very short notice and we will do our best to accommodate your group.

Q: What if my event is out of town? How far will Bell's travel?
A: We have several service locations throughout central and north central Florida. We are a mobile catering company and we cater events as far south as Sarasota, Florida, as far north as the panhandle and coast to coast. We look forward to working with you depending on the size of your event.